International Business

Part 1: Focus on this part more ensure that it is no more than 800 words. (Third Person)

Read Hout, Porter, & Rudden’s (1982) article PLUS a minimum of 5 new peer reviewed journal articles.

Review the three examples of the companies that were successful in competing globally.  Each of the companies had a different approach to executing global strategy.

Question #1: In today’s current global environment, why should a company engage in international business? (You must include the question as a HEADING)

Question #2: Provide examples of companies who were successful in executing global strategy. Is their strategy similar to the Hout, Porter, & Rudden (1982) article? Explain.  (You must include the question as a HEADING)

Provide a 600 to 800-word summary (formatted according to APA guidelines) answering the question(s) above.

Part 2 Annotated Bibliography:  1 paragraph per source. Total of 5 paragraphs

In preparation for writing each of your discussion forums, you should submit an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources (books, journals, Web sites, periodicals, etc.) one has used for researching a topic (Annotated Bibliographies, 2020).

For all sources used in your discussion forum you should:

        Provide an APA formatted Citation

        Summarize the source and discuss the research study that was conducted and what the findings were.

        Assess the source and discuss how useful it is and how it compares with other sources in your paper.

        Reflecton how the source will be useful to you in your forum. How does it help to shape your argument and how are you using it to shape your writing?

A sample APA formatted annotated bibliography can be found here:

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