Interview questions

the assignment is to answer interview questions
1.    Given your review of the Position Description (attached) and what you have learned by speaking with me, please tell us what your understanding is of this particular role of Executive Division Director for Womens and Childrens Services.
2.    Given your own background and experience, why do you believe that you could be successful in this role?  Please address your own experience in each of the following areas: successful growth-oriented strategic planning for a new or enhanced clinical service line; creation of powerfully differentiated brand that drives growth, innovation and strong customer engagement/loyalty; brand building, volume building and exploration of new models of care and customer engagement that optimize quality and profitability; successful leadership within a highly-matrixed administrative environment. 
3.    Why are you interested in this particular opportunity?  Why do you believe that this opportunity meets both of your personal (live in the area, family is here) and professional needs?

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