Introduction To Computers

The Task:  You are promoting a new product. The product is an invention you created. You will bring your product design and concept to a group of investors. When you present your product to the investors you will have created a Flyer in Word, a Spreadsheet in Excel and a Presentation in PowerPoint to introduce/promote your product. By the time you finish the course, you will have completed all three parts to the project.

For now, you just completed learning skills in MS Office Word. Use your new skills to create a flyer in MS Office Word using the following criteria.         

PART 1: Create a professional looking, one-page flyer in Microsoft Word to introduce your new product. Be sure to use the following    

One Page + Cover Page(5 points)   

Page Border (5 points)    

Shape or Special Character (5 points)

Smart Art Graphic or Formatted Table (5 points)    

Use a minimum of one modification from the Font Grouping (5 points)    

Use a minimum of one modification of the Paragraph Grouping (5 points)     

Text Description (descriptive enough to allow understanding of the product) placed on the flyer and easy to read.   (15 points)    

Image of the Product (10 points)    

Image must be formatted in a minimum of two ways using the Picture Tools Format Tab (10 points)    

Overall Completeness/Look of the flyer (10 points)   

Creativity and Professional Look (10 points)   

Cover Page (15 points

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