Is America in a decline on many fronts?

Students will apply what they have learned in this course and compose a minimum 4-page final essay based on the statement found in the prompt below. Your paper must be your original thought and not taken from the thoughts/words of others. Failure to meet the minimum required page count will automatically result in a loss of 50 percent of the point value.

Topic: Is America in a decline on many fronts?

The results of a recent study indicate that the public sees an America in decline on many fronts.

What are three areas you believe America is in a decline?  State your position, explain your analysis, and provide five recommendations that would minimize the current trend in the short-term (1-2 years) and the long-term (5-10) years.  Your analysis should include an examination of current contributing factors that would support the notion of America in a state of decline on many fronts.

Format:  12-point font, New Times Roman, double-spaced paragraphs (no lists), APA style, one-inch margins, top, bottom and sides, Reference page, and Cover page.  Neither the Reference page or the Cover page are counted in the minimum 5-page count.

Cover page: Your Last name, First Name, Policy Paper, Date

Note:  Please proofread your written work before submitting it through the Turn-it-In link below.  Helpful hint: (Links to an external site.)

Assessment for grading: Your ability to think critically, analyze information/data and compose an intellectual and cohesive paper

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