Is homework harmful or helpful?

Develop a well-structured essay including an introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion.
You have the option to write a process essay or an argumentative essay.
I will post some suggested topics to choose from.
To sum everything up, here are some basic principles for your essay:
1. Your introduction should consist of 5 to 7 sentences starting with a hook sentence and ending with a thesis statement.
2. Make sure to start each body paragraph with a topic sentence. Then support it by providing suitable evidence, like examples, facts, statistics or quotations.
3. Dont forget to include in-text citations and a works-cited list.
4. Close your essay with a concluding paragraph in which you reflect the whole point of your essay.
5. Make sure to use transition signals.
6. Before submitting your essay, check the content, organization, format, mechanism, grammar and sentence structure.

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