IS Security Policy Analysis, Unit VII Case Study

Prepare a two-page case study that addresses the following components. Be sure to provide headings for Part I, Part II, Summary, and References.
Part I
You have been tasked with recommending environmental and physical controls for a new data center to be built at your school. You are expected to present a report to the chief information officer. Part I of your case study should be a synopsis of the importance of data center physical and environmental security.
Part II
Part II of your case study should address three areas: location, perimeter security, and power.
Location recommendations should include where the data center should be built and a description of the security of the surrounding area (for example, location-based threats including political stability, susceptibility to terrorism, the crime rate, adjacent buildings, roadways, pedestrian traffic, flight paths, utility stability, and vulnerability to natural disasters).
Access control recommendations should address who will be allowed in the building and how they will be identified and monitored.
Power recommendations should take into account power consumption as well as normal and emergency operating conditions.
Determine who is responsible for each of the areas: location, perimeter security, and power.
Summarize the findings of Part I and Part II.
Your paper should be in proper APA format. At a minimum, use your textbook as a resource for this assignment and include it on your reference page.

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