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In your role as Director of Operations, you have collaborated with department heads to create a cross-functional and collaborative organization, good work. Thus far, Management Information Systems (MIS) has been supporting the organizations activities, and assisted in organizational management. Now it is time for you to continue with the next phases of the organizations strategic management plan. In your meeting with the board of directors, you must present on many aspects of the organization, including technology. Specifically, the board needs to understand how your current and future technology implementations will facilitate the decisionmaking process. Please present a detailed analysis of the following topics in the context of decision-making and strategic planning:
Data Mining in the context of predictive analytics & Big Data, as a competitive strategy
CRM as a source of sustaining competitive advantage
Hardware & Software in terms of disaster recovery & business process continuity (BPC)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in terms of sustaining a cross-functional organization
Telecommunications in terms of using networks & social media to compete on the global stage
Systems implemented to mitigate the effects of risk on information security and the ethical use of information
Summary of how to integrate all of these systems Your detailed analysis should be presented using these bullet-points as subject headings in your paper.

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