Java GUI development Java Concurrency and Multi-threaded

I have to create a java program that involves Java GUI development as well as Java Concurrency and Multi-threaded. The program is done by taking the solution given, and creating a GUI for it. I will included a word document to explain how the program works. It includes the repository, the set up instructions for jar file, and what the functions of the program. I need that program turned into the GUI program. The assignment I need your help on is under the document called homework.

Once you have the assignment set up, I need you to create it into the GUI, with all of the instruction listed in the homework document.  Program It is due April 20th, at 4:00pm Central Daylight (Austin, Texas)

I NEED AN EMAIL TO SEND YOU GUYS THE FULL PROGRAM. THE FILE UPLOADER DOESNT LET ME SEND FOLDERS. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. IF the work is good from you guys I will comeback and submit another project with you.

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