Journal Article

Read and review the article to answer the following questions below. Write a summary of your answers and submit.

Provide an APA citation for the article and the permalink to the article in Excelsiors Library

Explain how this article relates to your area of interest or practice.

Explain the authors clinical and/or educational credentials for this study.

Provide a brief critique of the literature used (review the reference list).


Description of the problemIs the problem clearly stated? How does this article address a public health

problem for the target population?

Literature reviewis a balanced viewpoint evident? Is a coherent theme evident?

ObjectivesAre objectives clearly defined? Does it clearly state the purpose of the rest of the paper?


Who participated in the study? Were enough details provided about the participants?

Who is the target population, and do the participants appear to reflect the target population?

Can you identify the procedure for selecting the sample? Why were these participants selectedis there a bias in the selection in the participants?

In what settings were the data gathered?

Explain whether ethical edicts were followed in subject selection.

In brief: Your paper should contain these elements

a) Linked APA citation

b) 1-2 sentences explaining how the topic relates to you as a professional

c)One paragraph critiquing the authors credentials and literature review.

d) Two paragraphs about the research articles introduction section.

e) 2-3 paragraphs about the participant selection, and reasoning for the method of selection.

f) One paragraph explaining whether the author complied with ethical procedures, and how you determined this.

Your response should be 3-4 pages. Include the article that you have chosen. Your summary should include a title page, be size 12 font and double spaced. The title page will not be considered as part as the page count for this assignment. Be sure to use APA style citation if you are citing any sources to support your claims.

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