As an entrepreneur, I came up with a new retail business idea (see the attached document)

Now I need a business plan.

But I only want you to finish two parts of my plan, which is “1. Three direct competitors Analysis “and ” 2. Business Strategy”

1.Three Direct Competitor Analysis  (1.5page  1.5 spacing)

Who are they? Provide a brief introduction
Analyze their strengths and weaknesses
2. Business Strategy  (3 pages )
Company goals and objectives  (0.5 page  1.5 spacing)
SWOT analysis  (1 page  1.5 spacing)
Competitive advantage and strategic actions(1.5 page  1.5 spacing): Consider the three strategic options (Cost
leadership, Differentiation, & Focus). Which strategy do you rely on to achieve the goal
and objectives? What is your competitive advantage? Come up with a set of strategic
actions you will undertake to achieve a competitive advantage and explain them.

Format Requirements
Provide a heading for each section
Font: Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Use the same font throughout the report.
Font size: 12 points for text
Spacing: 1.5 spacing throughout the report.
Margins: 1 inch margins on all sides.
Pages: Place page numbers at the right, bottom of the page. Use page breaks as
appropriate and necessary (e.g., after Table of Contents, before References and
Appendix, etc.).

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