Lecture Survey

Lecture Link

Question 1: Review from last week’s reading

After watching the video that starts the lecture:
discuss who or what you believe is most to blame for starting WWI
Question 2: Review from previous lessons:
Explain the intersection of science of race with the science of crime and how did they help to support colonialism and anti-democratic politics in Europe at the turn of the century?

Question 3: From the Russian Revolution Lecture:

Say youre a peasant farmer and you have one of these tiny plots of land. You know that you get as much land as you need to feed your family and contribute taxes, and that you could have that land taken away and redistributed the very next year, so are you going to try to improve your land?
What if you are the village assembly and you have to send young men to the army, you have a quota? Are you going to send your strongest and healthiest?

Question 4: Lecture: what was the major innovation on Marxism that Lenin made and what about the circumstances of Russia led him to make that change?

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