Logic-based Programming

Via MS Excel, develop a logic-based programming application.

Use the data in the Mod_9_10 OUITBloodPressureTableau.xlsx Excel spreadsheet (or corresponding .zip file). Create a dropdown that allows the user to select:


    County Location

    Hospital Type

Use these selections to determine:

    The total number of patients at the specific hospital

    The average age of patients at the specific hospital (combined, male and female),

    The average change in blood pressure over the course of the treatment period from current to 6 months after admission.

Provide an Excel file with one button on it – I will select a state, county and hospital time to test your module. Be sure and save your file as an Excel – Macro-Enabled file structure.

The attached file has some of the codding. I just need the rest were it showes the final result. Also it is an Ecxcel Macro sheet were you have to active developer option in order to click the command button to see the Visual basic programming

Thank you

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