Love Letter


Ive written a draft, I need that to be worked on again please.

Its a letter I have written for my girlfriend.

1. we are in a long distance
2. she has been there for me through everything no matter what
3.she has changed me so much after coming into my life
4. she’s also a strong reason for our relationship to work too
5. we video call everyday, so there is constant communication
6. I want to marry her
7. grow old with her and spend the rest of my life with her
8. every time I see her after a few months, it gives me hope and re assurance
9.and please add whatever you think isn nice and romantic

please re word the highlighted bits, I find them kinda off
I feel what I’ve written sounds kinda weird, could you please fine tune it for me, I have marked in red on the word document, I have uploaded.

please make it seem romantic and take out the weird excessive parts please.


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