Step 1) Please read the “assignment instruction-case study” file.

Step 2) Please read the Rubric for this assignment.

Step 3) Read these 4 news articles. (I encourage you to search for more relevant info on the Internet before writing your case paper)

Step 4) Please focus on the following questions about the case when you write your case study paper. Include sufficient details.

1) a. Who are the stakeholders that are affected by Price’s decision? b. What are the consequences of this decision for each stakeholder?

2) Price experienced unexpected challenges from various stakeholders. What should he have done before increasing the employees’ salaries?

4) What are the potential problems of a minimum salary increase as a compensation plan? How can you minimize these problems and motivate employees?

5) What would you recommend to Price and other CEOs in the same position to do in this situation in the future?

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