Marketing Assignment IV

Marketing Assignment IV


Strategy development



Use the Theory relating to Adaptation, Aggregation and Arbitrage to explain how companies from the following industries have used this theory for the pursuit of their businesses:



  1. Manufacturing industry
  2. Service sector industry


You should choose 2 companies in each industry (4 companies in total).


Note: Following companies are not be used for this analysis:

Fast food companies

Soft drinks companies


[#] Suggested Structure:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Executive Summary of the two chosen industries

2.1 Manufacturing industry

2.2 Service industry

3.0 Strategies

Manufacturing industry

3.1 Company 1

3.2 Company 2

Service industry

3.3 company 3

3.4 Company 4

(a paragraph heading for each of Adaptation, Aggregation and Arbitrage containing discussion of ideas using your research outcomes of the 4 companies studied. OR you can focus on the industry-level analysis using the 4 companies researched. How has each industry been pursuing some or all the elements of the ‘AAA’ framework?)

Use the table below as a guide.


Industry 1 (Companies A, B)

Industry 2 (Companies C, D)





4.0 identification of the SWOT analysis under the chosen strategies

5.0 Find the gap

6.0 Recommendation for the gap

7.0 Conclusion


You do not need to define the concepts. Descriptive material has negligible value and should be avoided.

We are seeking analysis, discussion and recommendation, enriched by ideas found in journal articles.

In business, you will be expected to produce short well-argued reports. This is where you demonstrate that skill.

All ideas in the report must be referenced using Harvard Referencing (in-text citations and full references at the back).

8.0 References (10 minimum)


Assessment Criteria:

Demonstrated knowledge of the Model ‘AAA’

Capacity to apply this model to the companies/industries of your choice

The quality of the discussion and evaluation of the issues identified

The analysis and integration of ideas from journal articles and research materials

(Written Report) The correct use of Harvard Referencing throughout the report (the source of all ideas must be identified). At least 10 references.

(Oral Presentation) Overall flow of presentation, eye contact etc.

not necessary that all strategies be relevant

research is to find out what “A” (either Adaptation or Aggregation or Arbitrage) has been adapted by the company

2,000 words

Australian industry or companies related.


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