Deliverable: Type your answers directly into this document. This is what you will turn in. Save as a .pdf file and upload to Canvas.
There are several [short response or question prompt]. Type your response in the space provided. It is okay to mess with the page length / layout. Type as much as you want.
This project should take approximately just under 2 hours and does not have to be completed all at once.
Grading: you will be graded on apparent effort and completeness. Substandard projects will not receive full credit.
When it says write for 5 minutes, that means write for 5 minutes it does not mean write 2 sentences in 1 minute.
Write and do not waste much time proof reading. I want your stream of consciousness and unfiltered thoughts.
A 5 minute writing prompt should be a minimum of 120 words. I dont like to quantify it like that, but people always ask.

(please watch the video and answer the question)

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