This weeks reading included a chapter on memory. As any student knows, remembering all the information needed to pass an upcoming quiz can be a challenge.
For this assignment, do some research into techniques that you can employ to improve your memory. Examples of some possible techniques you could use include mnemonic devices, associations,  flashcards, etc. You may use the LIRN and your textbook to research techniques. You can also click on the link below to visit a website with more information on memory techniques.
    Memory Techniques
Once youve reviewed several different methods for memorizing a list, write down a list of at least 20 items and memorize it. It could be the weeks groceries, American Presidents since Washington, or whatever you like.
Using one of the techniques youve found in your research, memorize your list. Once you think youve got it, take a break. Come back in an hour or so and see if you can recall the list correctly. Write it down and compare it to the original. Did you get it right? If you did, congratulations! If not, note your errors, take another break, then come back and try again. Did you do better? Keep practicing until you can reliably remember your whole list.
Once youve succeeded with your technique, please write a description of your experience. How did you choose your list? What memorization technique did you choose to help you remember it? Was the first technique you tried successful, or did you need to try another one? Could you use this technique in the future to help you remember things?
3-4 double-spaced pages (not including the cover or references pages), 12 point font, and APA format.
References must be cited appropriately.

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