For this assignment you will need to spend some time with media (journal article, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, etc…) and find an article related to something from one of the chapters we have covered so far (chapters 12 and 16). You should include a link to the article, or tell us where/how to find it. In NO LESS THAN 250 WORDS, you must include a narrative that does 3 things:

1. summarizes the article

2. explain the relation to our chapter, including whether or not the information seems accurate based on your current understanding

3. Explain the importance of this article to your life or the lives of others (ex: if you are writing about stroke, and have been touched by this you may share that if you feel comfortable, otherwise you can just be more general). A good way to do this is to relate the chapter to your life somehow, whether it is something you have experienced, read about, seen in a movie, etc…

4. RELY: This is a substantive comment, so “good job” and “very interesting” will not do. In NO LESS THAN 50 WORDS, you should comment on what you find interesting about the other student’s post. A good way to do this is to relate it to your life somehow, perhaps an experience you have had, or something you have read, etc…

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