1-does anything in your own experience lead you to agree or disagree with milgram
2-Does your primary research in Hersh and Kingston and Jackson offer evidence in supposed of milgram argument
3-develop a thesis that defend and or criticizes milgrams argument about why so many of his subject were willing to hurt their fellow humans beings even when they felt uncomfortable and guilty about doing so
4-explain how your primary sources-your personal experience and observations; your reading of hersh,Kingston and Jackson-offer evidence for milgram conclusions or suggest alternatives explanation that might account for the subject compliance with an authority that requires them to go against their conscience
5-the paper should include a summary of an quotations from Milgram, hersh, Kingston,and Jackson as well as the secondary source by FRanklin on the letter Jackson received from the lottery
6-the paper should offer an introduction that presents your thesis about possible reasons why milgram subjects were so often willing to hurt their following human being

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