Module 1: Validity and Reliability

In this assignment Module 1 Part A please perform the following:

1. Please read this article:

2.Next, individually do further research on reliability and validity (what do these terms mean, why are they important, etc.)

3.Post in the Class Discussion Board on BB about the research you did, providing the class with information about articles you read, the importance of these terms, and why they are important to the development of any assessment instrument. Describe and explain at least 4 types of validity and how they differ. How does validity differ from reliability? Use at least 2 additional peer reviewed sources to describe and explain validity and reliability.

4.Discuss some of the most prevalent predictors of PTSD in children according to the textbook (Landolt et al., 2017).

    Be thorough and just make sure to write more than just a few sentences.

Choose one predictor that you are interested in and use two peer reviewed articles that you have researched to describe and analyze the implications of that predictor.

    Be thorough, this should be an in depth explanation focusing on one specific predictor.

5.Read one article a classmate referenced and further discuss the impact of the article and your analysis of the predictor they chose to describe.The article is as the following:
Pina, A. A., Villalta, I. K., Ortiz, C. D., Gottschall, A. C., Costa, N. M., & Weems, C. F. (2008). Social Support, Discrimination, and Coping as Predictors of Post traumatic Stress Reactions in Youth Survivors of Hurricane Katrina [Abstract]. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 37(3), 564-574. doi:10.1080/15374410802148228.

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