Monoracialism/colorism on a Book called Black, White, and Jewish

I will need to have written a 3 page on a book called “Black, White, and Jewish” by Rebecca Walker / an Article called  Emerging Paradigms in Critical Mixed Race Studies6 Emerging Paradigms in Critical Mixed Race Studies by Daniel, Kina, Dariotis, Fojas

If you do not have access to the book, I can provide one to you through a new google email account that would have the book purchased on and used through the Amazon Kindle app.

The paper would need to include sources from both book and article.

I uploaded the template she gave us to write our papers in a similar format.

This is the topic and provided with a couple questions provided by my teacher for getting started on the essay.
Daniel, Kina, Dartoris, et al. argue that ethnic communities have taken up the white mainstream notion of monoracialism in order to enhance political power within historically minoritized communities. They argue that this kind of monoracialism is different from the white mainstream because it is non-hierarchical. Yet Rebecca Walkers depictions of monoracialism in her Jewish family and in society, including colorism in the black community, shows how monoracialism continue to reproduce racial hierarchies. What are the limits and possibilities of monoracialism? For example Alicia Keys choice to identify only as black, or Walkers choice to remove her fathers name from her own could be seen as moments of monoracialism.

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