MPA 670 WK4 DISCUSSION – Governor’s Administrator

MPA 670 WK4 DISCUSSION – Governor's Administrator

You are the Governor’s Administrator for the State of Error.  For the past several years, the State’s contracts for the procurement of supplies and services have been plagued with problems, such as high costs, ineffective bidding, cost overruns, performance, faulty deadlines, etc.  The new governor, who ran on a platform of changing the government’s ineffective way of doing things, has instructed you to set up a task force to determine the source of the problems and to rectify them.Remember that what you are tasked with doing is to recommend a cure.  Nevertheless, for purposes of this paper, you also will need to discuss the applicable laws in order to the reasoning behind your recommendations.Please work with the members of your task force (your classmates) to develop a plan to eliminate or ameliorate these problems.  As always, be sure to support your conclusions using an IRAC analysis of the applicable laws.

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