Watch this video

Write a 2 page Paper on the video you just watched. It should be submitted as Word document, Arial, 12 pt. font. And will automatically receive a grade of zero if not done right. Failure to use the proper font will deduct points. Papers should be written in paragraphs. do not use bullets or numbers. The paper does not require research. therefore write using your own words. The use of quotes, copying someone else’s words verbatim is prohibited and will severely hurt your grade. Use what you learn from watching the video and post your own thoughts. Your paper should answer the following questions:

1. When did this style of music start?

2. What are the origins of the music or musicians?

3. Who were the early innovators of the music?

4. What challenges/obstacles were faced by the early innovators of this style of music.

5. During what decade was the music/musician popular?

6. How did the music become popular? (What songs and artists were instrumental in the popularity of the music?)

7. Is the music/musicians still popular today? If not, what happened?

8. Who are current practitioners of the music?

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