Musical Magic: Analysis of the music in the film of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

student will form a hypothesis about the score of a mainstream hollywood-style film, which they will then argue, in a critical paper using the support from their own musical analysis, as well as materials from film and soundtrack literature. the paper should be the best expression of your critical argument in considered and polished prose, with correct chicago style formatting and citations.

Thesis: In this paper, I will discuss through the film Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone from the writer J. K. Rowlings novel include descriptions of musical events, and texts for fictional songs that help contextualize her original concepts for music in Harry Potter. Scores and recordings are used to analyze patterns of connection between the composers scores and the directors film (with consideration of Rowlings original narrative). I will also outline three particularly useful ways that music provides narrative elements that other theatrical media cannot supply. First, music can expand the physical space beyond the boundaries of what is seen. This is experienced in several scenes in the Harry Potter films when hearing precedes seeing, and when sounds are heard from off screen. Second, music can emphasize movement through synchronization. This strategy is often used in the Harry Potter films to punctuate humorous actions. Third, music can represent the characters or the internal thoughts of characters/ symbolic representation of folkloric and narrative musical events. Music is useful in this endeavor when mournful sounding melodies alert viewers that Harry is remembering his late parents, and when more cheerful-sounding music supports Harrys new friendships. Additionally, analyze on the music Hedwigs theme how John William made Harry Potter musical soundtracks use of leitmotif, use of varying instrumental textures, diatonic/functional tonality, strong lyrical melodies, clear and interesting rhythms, tasteful harmonic modulation, and charming styles to reach from the heart of his composition to his audience. 

Please include footnotes and one page bibliography.

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