Mythmaking and the Texas Revolution by David Weber

Let’s examine the secondary source by David J. Weber about myths pertaining to the Battle of the Alamo in Learning Module 7: Struggles For Independence 1810 1846.  For your follow-up, respond to the following questions:

What is the author’s main purpose?
What is the author’s main historical question?
What is the key evidence used by the author?
What is the author’s frame of reference/perspective?
What are some of myths researched by the author? Explain.
What has been the impact/consequences of Mythmaking surrounding the Battle of the Alamo?
How to cite this source as a footnote?

1David J. Weber, “Mythmaking and the Texas Revolution,” in Major Problems in Mexican American History, ed. Zaragosa Vargas, (Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage, 1999), xx.

The ‘xx’ are for the page # or #’s used.

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