Pop Culture Module Twelve Questions For Discussion

1. What is subliminal advertising, and are there any advertisements that you feel reflect this or that you have heard about that reflect this?

2. What is a slogan, and do you have an advertising slogan that comes to mind….for what product and what is the general feeling about the product in the slogan?

3. What is a famous person testimonial and provide an example?

4. What is the association principal and provide an example?

5. What is your favorite tv commercial and why?

6. If you could do an ad campaign for anything/any product or otherwise….what would it be for and what would your ad/commercial…how would you convey your message and what would your message be?

7. With the rise of the internet, what role does advertising play on the internet..what is it you like about this aspect and what is it that you dislike?

8. What direction/trends do you see advertising going into the 21st Century

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