Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Team project – case study-
Task: Working in a small group (four people), your team will develop a detailed case study scenario of ONE aspect of negotiation or dispute resolution (see suggested topics below). Your case should be based on a real-life case related to employment relations that took place within the last two years and was sourced via one of the publicly available resources (newspaper and magazine articles, government reports, official documents, etc.).

Final written document (approximately 800 words per student and up to 20% of the final mark): Sunday 25 Oct, 23:59 vial LMS

The report will outline and analyse the details of the case study, ensuring that your exploration of the case links practice to theory. The report should be Harvard referenced and written in font size 12 with 1.5 spacing. The report will include:

1.Introduction to the case and the issue/aspect of theory to be explored
2.Background and details of the case
3.Theory: exploration of scholarly literature and its relevance and implications for the case under discussion
4.Analysis linking the case and the theory to demonstrate depth of understanding
List of potential topics in negotiation case study

Trust in negotiations
Integrative negotiation
Ethics in negotiation
The role of culture in negotiations
Role of constituencies in negotiation
Importance of relationship in negotiation
Information Exchange
Time Pressures
Mediation processes
Mediation relationship
Mediation types
Formal and informal rules of negotiation
Multi-issue negotiations
Multi-party negotiations
Unions – management negotiation strategies

I choose part2 background of the case and part3 theory

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