Oedipus Rex. Does Oedipus qualify as a tragic hero or not

Intro paragraph    Define the tragic hero, according to Arp and Johnson which is your text book.  Then in a thesis, state your position that Oedipus does/does not qualify as a tragic hero.  Include three reasons why.

Body paragraphs    Discuss your reasons you mentioned in your thesis. (one per paragraph)  Provide evidence in the form of specific examples, quotes, etc., from the play to support your position.

Concluding paragraph        Restate theme and summarize evidence.

Papers will be graded holistically grammar and content analyzation

Paper will be evaluated on the following:

content accuracy & specificity, organization, and thoroughness

grammar, style, and mechanicsremember:  commas spices, fragments, run-ons =  5 points each.

Use of MLA format. … it should be in times new roman, double spaced, and font 12

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