Outline for Genetic Disease Review Project

Your paper will broadly explain the disorder, its prevalence, and history. You will
then explore the current view of the cellular and molecular origin of the disease. If
there are many theories, try to elaborate on ONE of the mechanisms as the focus of
your paper. Finally, discuss the social, ethical, and political issues that families with
the disease deal with.
Length: 3 4 pages, not including references.
Formatting: Microsoft Word, APA most current edition.
Details: 1 margins on all sides, double-spaced, 12 inch font

Please submit the outline of your genetic disease review project.  Although it is only an outline, you should have many ideas in place.  Review the guidelines (found in the reading list for this module) for more information about what is expected in your outline submission. There is also a video on the Learning Activities and Assessment page that explains how to write a 5-paragraph essay that you may find helpful.

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