Performance Management Analysis

Performance Management Analysis

In order to Analyze and assess the Performance Management approach of a given business. You will need to interview five key people:


senior functional manager; 

an exempt level non-HR employee; 

senior HR leader; 

A non-exempt employee; 

A mid-level manager.


I need 20 questions for each. Only 5 questions can be similar. MUST be 15 different questions at LEAST for everyone. 


Your objective is to Analyze and assess the Performance Management approach of a given business. Learn as much as you can about the Performance Management approach, analyze and assess the approach and the results the Performance Management approach. Key Questions to Consider Your assessment should not be limited to only these questions, but MUST include answers to these questions:


Does the business have a Performance Management Policy in place?

Does the company have a formal Performance Management Process in place?

Does the PM process effectively support the business strategy?

Is the PM process consistently and effectively executed across all areas within the business? Does the PM process encompass and include those PM practices that are most effective in achieving results? 

Are managers and employees educated and trained as to the PM process? 

Are managers effective in managing performance? What evidence supports this? 

Do employees view the PM process as a fair and effective process? 

What aspects of the PM process are supported as effective practices by our course learning? What aspects of the PM process are contradictory to effective PM practices as identified in our course learning? 

Does the PM process effectively utilize a coaching approach? What is your evidence for this? 

What measures does the company use to determine the effectiveness of their PM process? Consider The 12 Essentials for High Performance – which of these does the company effectively have in place and utilize? Which are in not being considered? 

Is the PM approach/process an “agile” approach?

Is the PM approach/process leading to a “trusting” open highly productive work environment? What evidence do you have? 

What is the single most important element that if changed could greatly change the overall performance of the business? What is your basis for this change?


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