Personal Communication Analysis

I already did part of the assignment if you could just paraphrase and I will do the in text citations. I got several other assignments due at the same time. Sorry for the short deadline and thank you in advance 🙂

Read Chapter Five on Gender and Communication (posted under our course module for this week).
Summarize five interesting findings from this chapter in two fully developed paragraphs with in-text citations included (include the page number).
For four days, observe your own communication patterns. Take notes.  To what extent do you communicate similarly or differently from the patterns identified in the chapter?  Summarize your observations and reflections in two paragraphs.
Consider the findings from the chapter. Deliberately change your communication/behavior. Absolutely do not put yourself in any risk when you do so.  How do people respond when you behave differently? How does it make you feel?  What insights do you gain from these reactions? Do your experiences support or challenge the findings in the chapter? Summarize your findings in three paragraphs.
Combine your 7 paragraphs in one document and submit.

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