Personal Reflection Essay

Write a 1-page reflection on a key concept from the course. Please see the topics in the course schedule for some options (for example: governance, suburbanization, amalgamation, housing, transportation or spatial inequality, to list a few).!!!!!!! Reflect upon how this concept relates to your everyday life: !!!!!!!How does it play out in your personal life, in your work, your commute, your housing, or your expenses?
You are encouraged to use personal examples and insights, and to write in the first-person. Please include a brief explanation of any concepts you use. The essay will be assessed based on clarity of writing, organization, and the quality of your explanations and arguments (they should be supported by literature or evidence). Please use size-12 font (Times New Roman, Helvetica, or equivalent). This assignment will be single-spaced. List any sources you may use in a reference list at the end of the reflection.
You can choose “New Regionalism or “suburbanization”

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