Political Controversy

Political Controversy

Political candidates attempt to manage controversies that surround them with the help of campaign managers, advisors, and political consultants. Similarly, organizations and interest groups swim in a sea of controversy.

In this Discussion, you will explain how political controversy shapes opinion and impacts political candidates, agencies, and interest groups. 

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the articles, "Bias in Newspaper Photograph Selection" and "Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? Newspaper      Photographs and Voter Evaluations of Political Candidates." Consider how bias in media coverage can influence public perceptions of political candidates and political controversies.
  • Review the article "'Pop Quizzes' on the Campaign Trail: Journalists, Candidates, and the Limits of Questioning." Think      about how political controversies can impact public opinion and how political advisors may try to mitigate this impact.
  • Review the article, "We Can't Handle the Truth." Consider the political controversies the author recounts, and think about how the candidates managed those controversies as well as the impact those controversies had on the political campaigns.


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