Base on the Research Paper Topic below Propose both an Alphanumeric outline and an annotated Bibliography that will help to write a research paper on:

Research Paper Topic:

The Black Lives Matter and the attention paid to Police Killing of civilians have highlighted problems in the Criminal Justice System in regard to race. What role has Race placed in the development of Civil Right in United States?  Beyond criminal justice what other areas are the rights of racial minorities under threat historically and today?

Below is a list of  paper topic the resource is useful for
Civil Rights Topic: (Entire Civil Rights/Liberties Section)
Voting While Black
Americas White Backlash
A New Jim Crow
White Nationalism Deep American Roots
Race and Economic Opportunity in America
A Massive New Study on Race and Economic Mobility, Explained
White Rage Ch4 Rolling Back Civil Rights
White Rage Ch5 How to Unelect a Black President
Color of the Law
North Carolina Voter ID LAW
Golden Gulag
Living Apart: How the Government Betrayed a Landmark Housing Law
Private Prisons, Detaining Immigrants Is Big Business

See annotated bibliography sample:

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