Positive Thinking

Select a peer reviewed (scholarly journal) article that relates to personality development.  Write a one to two page critique using the instructions provide:


            Description of journal article (e.g., publication date, title, journal name)

            Thesis Statement clearly indicated (main idea of your critique, sum up the main points)

            Explanation of why you think the article is relevant


            Provides overall idea of the content of the article

            Outline main points

            Outline results

            Outline discussion


            Provide critique of the article

            Description of problems with the authors premise, methods, or conclusions

            Well-organized, argument flows well from one point to the next

            Clearly addresses and refers back to thesis statement of critique


            Overview of the articles argument

            State conclusions based on analysis/critique

            Provide your conclusion and your reactions to the article

Grammar and Writing

            Writing clarity and organization

            Reference and documentation of citations in APA style

            Article must come from a scholarly journal

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