Practicum Experience – Journal Entry abd pain

Practicum Experience – Journal Entry abd pain

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reflect on a patient who presented with abdominal pain. Describe the patient’s personal and medical history, drug therapy and treatments, and follow-up care. If you did not evaluate a patient with this background during the last 6 weeks, you may select a related case study from a reputable source or reflect on previous clinical experiences.
*Paper must include:
Assignment meets expectations. All topics are addressed with a minimum of 50% containing good breadth and depth about each of the assignment topics.
Purpose of the assignment is stated, yet is brief and not descriptive.
Demonstrates a clear understanding of key concepts.
Summarizes information gleaned from sources to support major points, but does not synthesize.
Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, flow, continuity and clarity 80% of the time.
**Please use the template that I have filled out for this assignment. I have also included an example template for the journal entry.
**I am attending Walden University online for my Family Nurse Practitioner. I started doing clinicals with Dr. Moses Family Medicine (doctor's office) for seven weeks now. He performs family medicine office visits so we see a range of patients but please do paper on a asthma patient. Writer can make up a patient.

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