preparing a change request form paper

For this assignment, you will be assessing a requested change to the scope, preparing a change request form, and utilizing your stakeholder analysis, to determine how the information should be disseminated. Please be sure to start this assignment early to allow for sufficient time. Below are the assignment guidelines and files.

To complete this assignment, you will use the following file:

1.    Continuation Week Five Case Study document which is attached above.  This is a continuation of the case study introduced in Week Two.

The Case Study file attached here and the original case study document from Week Two can be leveraged for this assignment. This will provide you some context to the evaluation you will be using and allow you to make some reasonable assumptions about the context of the changes to the project.

Using the information gathered from the original case study, and the new information provided, write a 4 – 5 page paper using the following structure:

Report / Executive Summary – Summarize the finding of the impact of the change briefly (1 or 2 paragraphs); this should include the finding of your report, as well as, your recommendations to your sponsor regarding the implementation of the change. It should be concise and direct.

Current Status of Project — In this section, you want to provide details regarding the current status. Which indicators from the case study are you leveraging to describe the current status?

Identify any leading vs. the lagging indicators in your analysis.

Provide an overview of the change process you will follow to incorporate the change including the approval process.  Will there be a change control board?  Will the PM review prior to submission for approval?  Does the sponsor need to approve your change request form?  Consider including a flow chart and a summary explaining the flow chart.

Recommendations – Based on your analysis of the change, tell us what areas of the project are of concern. Is cost or time a concern in these areas? Does the scope need be considered? What are some possible solutions for cost and schedule related impacts of the change that might be applicable?

Please insert a draft change request form in your submitted assignment completed with the relevant information that your sponsor will need to approve the change.

Here are some general guidelines for formatting:

Use section headers so that it is clear what the sections of the report are
Make good use of tables and/or charts to report the data
Be concrete; reference the case study and specifics regarding performance
Include page numbers

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