Project 7 Public Health Alzheimer’s Disease or Antibiotic- Resistant Bacteria


Evaluate public health issues that impact specific communities.
Defend a communitys need for a particular public health initiative.
Determine health education strategies appropriate for targeted audiences.
Evaluate evidence-based advocacy practices that promote wellness and manage disease among diverse populations.
Design a public health initiative implementation and evaluation plan.
Present a public health initiative using a variety of communication methods.


You are the Health Promotion Educator at the local health department. One of your responsibilities involves training staff on public health initiatives. Your objective is to create training material for the health department staff to help them inform the community about specific public health initiatives.


Prepare training material for your staff on one of the following public health initiative topics: child and adolescent water safety, Alzheimers disease, or antibiotic-resistant bacteria education. Your training material should guide your staff to educate the community on the specific public health issue and initiative.

You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or a similar presentation application of your choice.
Create at least two slides per bullet point below:
Create the dialog that would occur between yourself and a patient explaining to them the public health initiative you chose.
Present the treatment options or plan of action for the public health initiative and how you would verbally and visually explain it to your patient. Be sure to include other medical or community individuals that the patient may need contact. Images and videos are encouraged.

Construct an FAQ on your chosen public health initiative that you would provide to your patient to assist them with the best care and treatment options/plan available.

Research and provide information on five populations that are prone to your chosen public health initiative and discuss. Images and videos are encouraged.
Provide 2-3 community resources that you would be able to provide to patients to assist them with your chosen public health initiative. Provide contact information and background on each resource.

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