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There are three goals of this assignment:

– to personalize the experience of chronic illness,
– to examine chronic illness from a family systems perspective, and
– to tie what you have learned from your interviewee to the course material.
Please write a paper that indicates that you performed an interview with someone who has a chronic illness or someone who has lived with a family member with the chronic illness. The interview should include questions concerning how the illness changed the person and the family.

Please address the following questions in your paper:

1.What is the chronic illness?
2. What symptoms are characteristic of this condition?
3. What is the prognosis?
4. How old is the individual?
5. When was the person diagnosed?

Address at least two (2) more questions from either the list below OR your own questions that came up in the course of your interview.

1. What particular aspects of the illness present problems in terms of managing day-to-day activities?
2. Are there any aspects of the physical environment that have had to be modified? Which ones? Why?
3. Are there any financial changes that have occurred as a result of the diagnosis?
4. Did any of the person’s and/or family’s relationships change? If so, in what ways?
5. Did the person turn to others for formal and/or informal social support?
6. If they turned to others for support, have others in the social network been helpful? Why or why not?
7. Have there been any positive consequences associated with the experience?

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