Qualities of an Effective Counselor

The purpose of the Self-Reflection Journals is for you to reflect on the Reading & Study material

          1. Prompt:
Of the qualities of an effective counselor, at which do you excel most?  In which area would you like to see the most improvement, and what can you do to increase your competency in this area? What aspects of your Christian faith will you include in your practice?

        2. Here is what I have written so far:

As a counselor, dealing with clients who possess cognitive distortions and behavioral abnormality can be stressful. Therefore, it is crucial to undertake a conversation technique. In terms of qualities possessed to excel in counseling, it is my ability to cope through exasperating times that will enable me to deal with patients effectively. It is imperative to build on empathy, trust, mindfulness and acceptance that is advantageous in successful therapy. After 8 years of consistent counseling, it is easy to imagine the amount of knowledge that Ive obtained and have further applied to my day-to-day life. As a result, Ive discovered the importance of an established and collaborated partnership between therapist and client. When therapists show kindness and respect, it is easier to attain common ground and work together on tasks that resonates with a patients self-perception and worldview. Ive discovered that, although a stressful situation may be upsetting, it is possible to overcome adversity and gain achievement by providing an incentive for personal growth and development.

References if needed:



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