Racism Towards CBU International Students

3. A list of the local (and perhaps non-local) service agencies that you have identified as
relevant for your social issue. Also include a brief note about what specific services
each one provides. (20 points)
4. Conduct an Ecological Analysis of your social issue. What are the variables/factors
that affect your problem at the following levels? (20 points)
1) Individual level.
2) Microsystem.
3) Mesosystem.
4) Exosystem.
5) Macrosystem.
6) Chronosystem.
5. What ideas do you have so far for a local intervention that would help to
prevent/improve your social issue of interest? (Remember that you will not have to
carry out this intervention for this course! Your goal is to create a well-researched and
well-informed PROPOSED Intervention Strategy as one of the end-products of this
project). (20 points)

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