Ramsay Macmullens Romanization in the Time of Augustus

Ramsay Macmullens Romanization in the Time of Augustus tracks the spread of Roman culture a or way of life created in Italy to the provinces. The book presents a number of regional case studiesprovince by province. In the process, there are certain questions he asks: (1) is this a movement from top to bottom?  What are the motives or forces involved in becoming Romanized?  Are the Romans cultural imperialists? (2) Are there differences between the provinces in the West and East? If so, why? Or is there cultural uniformity and harmony in both?  Theses two questions should dominate your essay.

The essay of 5-7 pages,”  There is a lot of detail in Macmullen, but  you should deal with the categories that he uses to support his thesis. I would say 60% of your paper is descriptive and the rest analytical: does the  evidence he cites support his thesis. The paper is to be type-written and the maximum length should be 7 pages.

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