Rape & Parental Rights

This is to be written informally, as it is a journal.
(1) What do you think is the best approach to handling the issue of rape and parental rights? What makes it particularly challenging to find an approach that will be fair in all situations?
(2) Feel free to write about any other thoughts, impressions, or connections related to this module’s materials.

5 points Wrote the required 3 pages
5 points Wrote directly about the topic if multiple questions are raised, each was given the appropriate attention
10 points Referenced class materials and concepts and incorporated them into the entry while avoiding mere restatement of facts from the readings and lectures
10 points Entry is thoughtful; demonstrates the student is attempting to engage with the materials to think more critically about the world around them, particularly as it relates to the topic at hand. Student applies the materials to their lives outside the classroom.

Links to be read in order:




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