Read for today: Machine Politics: (Links to an external site.) Reading response #3 (due here) Submit Assignment

Reading responses will be due the day of, assessed by a rubric (available soon), about 150 words each, and require 2-3 questions to ask of the material (as response is exploration and expansion, not just reception). Ill distribute a rubric that applies to both these and the kairos days (under files and via announcements). On days we have kairos days, I will not double up on a reading response.

Elements to consider (but only as possibilities, write what you want!):

The paradoxes of new media and politics (seem to have more people participating, but also the author argues it is “less democratic”)

Histories of media/politics as the author draws upon them (of Nazi Germany, early Silicon Valley, etc.) and intersections with our own cultural contexts

“Celebrity politics” vs. traditional politics and their effects

Applied examples and/or critiques of the author’s broader arguments

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