Recidivism Rates for Sex Offenders

The paper should be a literature review of the topic, with a minimum of 10 academic studies/articles considered.  None of these can be material that has been assigned as class reading.  The paper should be in correct APA format and will be graded on content, writing style, grammar, and citation and reference format. 

The paper should be a minimum of 15 pages of text.  Text includes only the body of the paper and does NOT include the cover page, abstract, reference list, or any figures or tables (which should be attached  as  appendices  to  the  paper,  not  in  the  body  of  the  paper).    The paper should be double spaced, in no larger than 12 point font and have no margins larger than 1 inch. 

The paper should do a minimum of 3 things:

1. Define or introduce the issue/topic being considered and why it is important to consider this issue/topic

2. Review the research on the issue/topic (minimum of 10 academic studies considered).

3. Describe  the  conclusions  that  can  be  drawn  about  the  issue/topic  based  on  the  research  reviewed.

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