Reflection on your learning how to implement the course learning objectives and your current ability to implement them (Sociology: City Life)

The objective of this exam is for you to show how well you understand key concepts and topics in the course so far. Please:
Explain concepts and provide concise, comprehensive, and college-level quality answers to
the following analytical questions. Please type in complete sentences and coherent paragraphs.
Use Times Roman font, 12-point size, double-space with 1-1/4 left, right, top, and bottom margins.
Provide concrete and detailed examples from the assigned readings & other course materials.
Please practice academic honesty, cite properly, and do not plagiarize. To cite a source
from the course, simply state last name(s) of the author(s) and the page number as part
of your answer. Do not provide quotes. Use your own words.
Include the number of the questions you are answering.

Write a 400-word reflection on your learning how to implement the following SOCI 161 course learning objectives and your current ability to implement them:
Provide appropriate societal context to city life and urban problems in terms of historical changes, urban patterns, and societal changes among many interrelated places
Develop a nuance framework on how societal struggles make
and transform city life, economics, cultures, and communities
as well as to address many urban problems locally and internationally
Use analytical tools and skills to study various aspects of city life

I’ve attached the prompt (Please follow closely for it is very detailed. Also, please ignore the “group report”), and all resources needed. Cite as many resources as needed to reflect the requests in the prompt. Please add a Resource page. Format everything in ASA. Thank you!

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