Research Health Communication Issue- Syphilis Experiment

Research Health Communication Issue(75 points)
Create an Annotated Bibliography with 3 to 5 primary/original research sources –> exploring themes, variables and issues/barriers to receiving equitable care. This assignment helps to build the foundation for the health equity & disparities project in which student groups will be required to select a culture as a group/population and identify current and historical disparities.
• Topics will be assigned and according to their interests.
o Topics include: informed consent

Annotated Bibliography will require each group member to contribute at least 3 sources, for a total of 12 sources per group. These sources can be 1) primary sources, 2) scholarly journal articles, scholarly peer review, and professional organization practice guidelines. Do not use abstracts as your source.
The Annotated Bibliography will be type-written, 12 font, 1 inch margins, and follow a structured format (see below). Each group will submit ONE Annotated Biblio

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