Research Project

Students will research team effectiveness in a selected organization and develop an intervention in the form of enhanced group/team effectiveness and skill training program to improve team effectiveness. They will make a presentation to the class describing this process. The intervention should provide group, organizational, culture factors, and skills designed to enhance team dynamics.

Utilizing a variety of approaches and training techniques students drawing from course materials, experience, scholarly and practical considerations, students will formulate an approach to facilitate and design a training program. Consideration should be given to factors that enhance effectiveness, productivity, trust and cohesion, and team synergy. Special attention should be paid to issues of organizational culture and diversity when designing this program/approach.

Your paper and presentation should include the following:
1.    Title page
2.    Executive summary
3.    A brief description of the organization you have selected for this project
4.    A brief description of the groups or teams you have selected for this project
5.    A brief explanation of why you have chosen this group or team for this project
6.    A detailed description of the initial presenting concern or challenge that the group or team wants to address
7.    A summary of your data collecting techniques and results
8.    A detailed summary of your policy intervention; strategy and plan
9.    A detailed summary of your training intervention: sample exercise with class participation
10.    References

PS: I would also need a power-point presentation after the paper is written.

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