We have spent time this week thinking about the historical reasons why important decision-makers in the past have not encouraged women as artists in the United States. Your group’s task in Discussion Board #2 is to find at least 4 specific examples of strong role models who are women of color  in art, art history, music and film creation and production, social media creation and production (in the U.S. only) from the past 20 years up to the present. Identify each one, explain briefly why you see this woman of color as a good role model in her field and GIVE AN EXAMPLE OF HER WORK – INSERT THE LINKS OR IMAGES INTO THE DISCUSSION BOARD! However, for every person you find in front of the camera or microphone or media, you must find one who works behind the scenes in production, direction, as a board member, gallery owner, etc., someone who is a decision-maker connected to these fields using the same 20-year time frame. Explain how each woman of color impacts the choices that are made in her field.

DO NOT REPEAT EXAMPLES! If someone has already added a woman of color that you were thinking about, then you should do some research and find someone else to add to this list. This means that you need to read through/respond to the posts that have already been written before you post your own examples. More is better in this case, yes?

Remember that you need to shoot for 800-900 words, at least 10 posts and communication over the course of at least 4 days. 

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