Review of Financial Statements

Part B should be a minimum of six pages and include the following information:

a horizontal annual analysis,
a vertical common-size analysis, and
a summary of and explanations for big variances within a company and among the companies (to be gleaned by reviewing the financial statement disclosures). If no apparent reason for the variance can be found in the financial statements, give your reasons for what you think could be causing the trend. This should be done in context with the rest of the trends indicated in the numbers.

The objective is to complete industry research and financial analysis comparisons of the two companies.

The goal is to answer the question Would you advise a friend to invest in either of these two companies?

The 3 most recent years of financial statements of both companies are to be analyzed and compared.

companies are Macy’s and Kohl’s

see the attached files and write what ever is missing from the given instructions.

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